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Game Play and Personal Threats

12/22/2016, 8:45am CST

It was recently brought to the attention of the MAHL that there was an event that took place against Bruno's Pizza and Blades of Steel on 12/11/2016 and last night between Hollevoet and Any Leaks. Please remember that this is supposed to be a non-contact league and if a play, that may cause injury, could/can be avoided, it should be avoided. Direct slashes, checks, cross-checks, etc are unacceptable - although the games can get intense, everyone should be able to control their temper. 

The second issue deals with personal threats. Although this is still being looked at, MAHL has a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. This pertains to both an opponent and to an official. From here on out, any form of personal threats will end with a season ending suspension. 

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