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11/12/2017, 12:15pm CST

Hi guys,

Seems like every year we need to be reminded that this is a fun league and we need to respect the rinks we play in and the players we play against and with.  Aggressive play is encouraged, but rough play is not.  This is to include play before and after the whistle.  

There was an incident in the last Sunday of league play before the week off that we are currently addressing.  The MAHL can and will suspend or kick out players for behavior that we feel is inappropriate for league play.

We have been contacted by one of the rinks we play in that beer cans have been left in the locker rooms, on the benches and in the penalty boxes.  This is our first warning.  The next one could mean no more alcohol in the rinks at all.  Please take a minute to look over your bench and locker room after the game to clean up after yourselves.   

This one should go without saying, but please stay off the ice until the Zamboni is off.  A couple of guys skated in front of a zam last Sunday to the point that he had to stop.  Next time he said he will leave the ice, zammed or not.

We've had some great games so far this year and we want that to continue!  Please govern yourselves accordingly and we will have a great year!


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